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Software as a service solution for professional clinicians seeking objective 3D analysis of patients function, posture and movement for injury prevention, rehabilitation and better active life.

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The assessment uses a Kinect Azure 3D camera and suitable laptop (hardware not provided) to capture the patient performing a number of fundamental movements including static posture, balance, side bending and single and double leg squat.

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Achieving quality movement for an injury free and active lifestyle.

Moovment® is the ‘digital crystal ball’ for health and fitness professionals. It shows the objective truth about quality of movement using a remarkable 3D digital twin. Seeing is believing! About strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to move well is the gateway to moving more, without discomfort or risk of injury, and for enhancing performance. Quality of movement improves quality of life, and is associated with a longer life.

The digital 3D Moovment Scan creates a unique personal digital twin, that can be shared between an individual and an advisor inside of the secure Moovment Pro Portal.

The Portal is where health seekers and health providers communicate online. Both 2D and 3D images are visualised and reported here. The Portal is also used for chat, goal setting and access to the exercise library. Progress is monitored over time using 2D and 3D video and advanced augmented intelligence.

Biomechanics measurements are available onscreen and in detailed reports for Moovment Specialists. This helps them to make objective decisions and to reduce their administration load. A summary reports is available for individuals to share with others.

MoovmentPro is a SaaS with licenses available in three options for the professional practitioner:

  • Solo – 1 user, 1,000 scans per year and unlimited access to MoovmentLab and visualisation.
  • Medium – 3 users, 2,400 scans per year and unlimited access to MoovmentLab and visualisation
  • Large – 10 users, 6,000 scans per year and unlimited access to MoovementLab and visualisation

Moovment Mobile

The digital 2D scan is available from the convenience of home using a mobile phone. Just register, download the recording app, scan, and connect with an organisation that provides Moovment Specialist services.


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