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With over 25 years of experience and positive customer feedback globally, Swift Performance remain a leader in laser timing solutions.

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Entry level laser timing without compromise.

The UNO singlebeam system comes with a pedigree from our industry-leading DUO system. Built on the same architecture, running the same easy-to-use SYNCRO App, UNO delivers strong ease of use.

Capable of running the usual combine style drills plus many others, the UNO singlebeam system may well be what you are looking for.

The UNO system comes shipped in a lightweight yet robust carry case that holds two UNO gates and 4 x tripods, wireless QI chargers etc. UNO gates can operate as a timing gate on a tripod or placed on the ground for three-point starts where a hand or foot lift start is required. 

Our single beam laser sensor is built on the same hardware platform as our flag-ship products. With UNO you are not sacrificing quality for a lower price. We automatically correct for false triggers to deliver accuracy as close to Dual beam gates as possible.


Full reactive agility capability

Welcome to the world of first principals with DUO Dualbeam accuracy. DUO has no need for smart algorithms to detect false triggers. This is our entry-level DUAL beam timing system. DUO comes in a lightweight carry-case.

Customers buying DUO often want 4 or more gates. It’s simple. We deliver two easy to handle carry cases, or more if required.

Reactive Agility training protocols, like cuts, decision making and serpentine are yours to explore.

DUO gates have a laser alignment assistance pointer to make setup faster, and the dual laser beams make the timing even more accurate, especially at the early stages of a sprint where velocities are slowest. If accuracy and repeatability are important to you DUO Dual-beam wireless laser timing gates may be what you are looking for.

Of course, you can add an UNO gate for your ground starts if required, or even our MOVE first movement sensor.


The EZEJUMP vertical jump testing system is a tool built for professionals. Its solid stainless steel top, Bluetooth connectivity and amazing EZEJUMP App brings a full suite of vertical jump testing protocols, including jump height, contact time, flight time, Reactive Strength Index (RSI), Bosco tests plus fatigue measurement protocols.


The Swift Yardstick has been chosen by countless professionals for measuring vertical jump height. With its simple mechanical design, the Yardstick makes vertical jump testing easier than ever.

The Swift Yardstick has built-in stability, meaning it doesn’t require any weights to keep it stable. Not to mention, each product is packaged with the durable and easy-to-use Cordura bag so you can take it with you wherever you are.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 14kg (31lbs)
  • Materials: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nylon
  • Unbreakable target fingers
  • 1/2″ resolution or 1cm resolution (different models available)
  • Use in relative or absolute mode


Make tracking simpler.

Swift Labs is your own intuitive technology. Swift Labs cloud pulls data from the Synchro and Ezejump apps, so you’re able to synchronize your athlete lists between coaches and personal devices. 

Your test drill results could be sitting in the cloud, ready for you once you’re back to your office. Using the Swift API to push data into your Athlete Management System (AMS) has never been easier. 


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